Karam Korpom (கரம் கோர்ப்போம்) Foundation is a registered Trust under Indian Trusts Act, 1982. The main objective of Karam Korpom is to work towards environment protection through various activities such as community wall arts, awareness programmes, knowledge sharing sessions and so on. Karam Korpom Foundation has a team of volunteers consisting of social activists, working professionals, artists and students.

Stop Abusing Public Spaces (SAPS) is the flagship activity of Karam Korpom Foundation, where the abused public spaces are identified, cleaned up with the help of conservatory workers and then wall art is carried out with the local community participation, in addition to our own volunteers.

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Latest Projects

An abused space in Jeth Nagar gets relief

A small street corner in Mandaveli which has been an eye sour for years, got its relief today, with Karam Korpom’s intervention. We got the place cleaned up, got the walls of the corner painted and invited the residents of the …

Transforming Venugopal Vidyalaya Compound wall

  While most people are busy vacationing in the month of May, Karam Korpom Volunteers are busy in engaging themselves in what they enjoy the most, transforming public places through wall art! On 12th May, our volunteers took up the …

Government School gets face lift

  Innerwheel club of Madras, which is doing significant transformation work at various Government schools, asked us to give a face lift to Chennai Primary School, situated at Besant Nagar. We took up the project on 5th May and completed …

School students join hands with Karam Korpom to transform the school wall

If you pass by R.K.Mutt road in Mylaopore, between R.K.Mutt and Mandaveli Post Office, in all probability your eyes will hit on a long colourful wall of P.S.Matriculation school, with eye catching social messages. The platform that has been abused …

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